I’m sure to people setting up offices, cubes are a great idea. You can put a bunch of workstations in a big space without having to build interior walls or block out windows. You can easily rearrange the layout of office. Your employees are never far from the prying eyes and ears of the rest of your staff, so conceivably, they may even work more.

But cubes just feel wrong.

I have worked in an office with cubes before, but there were only 8 of us, we were all friends, we telecommuted 2 days a week so there were usually no more than 5 of us there at a time.

The clients I have been to recently are a different story. I have decided that you can tell how miserable people are with their cubes based on the volume of knicknacks and postcards they have decorating their space. Especially when they have an over abundance of kitschy objects made especially for cube dwellers, such as signs that read “How can I think outside of the box when I work in a cube?”

The more cubes there are, the less I could ever see myself working in the office.

Do any of you have strong opinions about the cube? Are they a good or bad addition to the workplace?

Are any of you cube-dwellers yourselves?