Happy Superbowl Monday! Big happenings in the land of AccountantByDay! (Although this is the time of year where I am mostly an accountant by night too.)

I decided to get back into the housing market, and today I made an offer on a home and it was accepted!! Now I have the inspection, appraisal, and a whole lot of paper work to get through.

I’ve checked out of the world of blogging recently - mainly reading Clarissa, the Grumpies, and Mutant Supermodel. Also some Brave New Life and Mr. Money Mustache. Clarissa has mentioned several times that being in the habit of writing is really important, and I am feeling that habit slipping away.

With the new commitment, assuming all goes well, I think this blog will be more important than ever for helping me keep my finances under control. I have a lease that doesn’t expire until July, although my landlord is going to try to get someone to take over my lease before then, so for about 5 months I’ll be paying the mortgage and rent. I have enough to cover it, but it’ll still probably stress me out to have to pay so much each month.

Alright, off to fill out some paperwork.