As of February 2013, my student loan is 100% paid off!

For the last few months I have been making $1,000 payments towards the loan, so hopefully I will now be able to put this money to good use in other ways.

Goals for using extra money freed up from loan payoff:

  1. Increase emergency fund/savings to goal amount (10 - 12k. Need to pick a number.)

  2. Pay off mortgage at a faster rate, in order to get rid of PMI ASAP.

  3. Buy a bicycle

  4. Pay for repairs around the house, namely, gutters and tree maintenance.

After step 1, I’m not sure what order to prioritize everything in. The bicycle I want to be able to use this Spring. The mortgage will save me even more the earlier I start making increased payments. The repairs aren’t urgent, but the longer I leave them, the more small damages get caused by falling branches and excess rainwater leaking into the basement…

Any opinions on which goals to accomplish first?