Accountant by Night

During January, I didn’t stick exactly to 3 posts a week, but I didn’t do too badly. February was a different story. Busy season for auditors is really busy! The idea behind the name of this blog, Accountant by Day, was to give myself freedom to write about things beyond accounting - because accountants have real lives when they’re not at their day jobs! (So I hear anyway.) Right now my day job takes 9 - 11 hours of my day, plus at least 1.

Accounting Blogs

Your directory for accounting blogs! If you don’t see your accounting blog on this page, and would like it to be added to the list, please email me at Confessions of a CPA / The Tax CPA Confessions of a CPA is the personal blog of Monica Lawver, tax manager at GALLINA LLP. The blog touches on life as a CPA, but the topics apply to many different careers. The Tax CPA is Monica’s tax blog, which discusses current tax topics.

Accounting Recruiting- Making an impression

A reader posted this question on my last post about recruiting. I am an accounting major going to my first accounting recruitment next week. My only worry is that my cumulative gpa is not up to their standards. I think that I have a lot of prior work experience but I’m not sure that is what they are looking for. I heard a bunch of different stories- work experience is more important, gpa is more important… what are your thoughts?

Accounting Resume Advice

Enjoy the following guest post from Mark - tips for crafting the perfect resume for your Accounting job search. Accounting Resume Advice Jobs in accounting are increasing faster than average in the current job market, and many aspiring accountants are ready to fill those positions. To stand out above the throngs of other candidates for the job, one should be sure to present the best possible image of themselves to their prospective employer.

Addictions and Procrastination

I read an essay a few weeks ago about how, when you procrastinate, you get so many other things accomplished - just not the thing you were putting off. I’ve found that when I start feeling unmotivated at work, simply adding to my to do list can get me ticking things off the “to do” list again. So, procrastination is not all bad. However, sometimes, instead of doing other constructive things while I procrastinate, I give in to my addiction - reading.

Am I crazy

It’s evenings like tonight that make me wonder if I’m the world’s biggest sucker for thinking that I have a good job. 11:41, I just got home. No dinner. And I don’t earn enough to justify paying for a laundry service.

Are you fatty and spacious

Every now and then I take a quick glance through the comments that people (or bots) try to post that caught by the spam blocker. Sometimes legit comments get caught in there, but most of the time it’s either a bunch of different “commenters” saying the same random comment, and all linking to different commercial websites, or it is comments that appear to be written by a non-English speaker using a really bad translator.

Are you paying too much for housing

I love and hate watching house hunting shows on HGTV - I love seeing what great deals we can get in Atlanta on homes compared to other parts of the U.S. and Canada, but I hate the fact that when I save enough money to buy a house here in Atlanta, if I want to move to a different city, then I won’t be able to afford nearly as much.

Atlanta Weather Update

An update to follow up this post from last night about how my mother was stuck on her way home in the ice storm that hit Atlanta yesterday. Mom ended up making it home safely last night. She had to park at the entrance to the neighborhood and walk over a mile to get home. When crossing a driveway, she had to get on her hands and knees and crawl, that’s how slick the tarmac was.

Atlanta Winter Ice Storm

I just got home after flying into Atlanta tonight. About 6 hours ago, before I got on my flight, I talked to my mother, who was having trouble getting home because of the car wrecks caused by the icy weather in Atlanta. Mom’s house is in a more rural area, outside of the city, so I figure a few accidents had blocked things up. It was a bit more than that.