A real fixer-upper

This house is a real fixer-upper - or maybe it should just be torn down. Here are some photos of the house I wrote about in my last post, which is for sale for something under $75,000, but obviously needs lots of work.

I’m not sure that I’m in a good position to resuscitate this neglected home, but if any of you wants to lend me a few thousand to go towards a down payment… I’m sure we could work out a deal.

The house from the front. It’s on a corner lot. The area with lots of windows next to the door is a little semi-porch. Once you enter through the first door, there is a second front door that opens into the main house.

The house has probably been boarded up at least as long as it’s been on the market. Unless it got trashed by vagrants, and then boarded up. I think I will tour the house this weekend, or in a few weeks from now, just to satisfy my curiosity about the inside.

The back of the house. This looks pretty sketchy where the house meets the ground. The strange dog silhouette in the foreground is a little design on the gate in the lovely chain-link fence.

Pretty close to the next door neighbor there, but the backyard extends back about 1.5 or 2 times of the length of the house.

So now you know what <$75,000 will get you in Atlanta. I bet Vancouver doesn’t even have crappy homes. Just lovely shiny townhouses!

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