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  • Trucking along

    The road to financial independence is pretty boring at this point.

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  • Two-income trap

    It’s not a new idea, but

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  • Who are you and what are you doing here

    Discovering WHO we are and our life’s PURPOSE is a major preoccupation of the culture I live in. The idea that we must determine our identify seems strongest when we are graduating high school and embarking on the next stage of life, but this continues to follow us throughout our lives.

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  • Mortgage update March 2016

    I refinanced my mortgage in November. I got the rate dropped from 3.75% to 2.99% by switching to a 15 year mortgage and since my loan-to-value ratio is now way under 80%, thanks to paying down the loan, and the appraised value of the house increasing.

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  • What's going on

    I’ve been working on writing a book. I was doing pretty well at writing daily, and then last week I kind of stalled. I’ll write a bit after this. It’s the finishing that’s the problem. I’m not a good finisher in most cases, but in the case of writing a book, I think the final scenes should be just as fun to write as other scenes… and if they’re boring to write, it probably means that they’ll be boring to read. Unfortunately, I think it’ll take a lot more practice to stop being boring when I write.

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